Global Rope Fittings GmbH is the German producer of the SILVERLINE Sockets. Based on the long experience and profound knowledge the factory brings its best products to the crane, marine and offshore markets.

The product range of Silverline sockets includes: Open Spelter Socket (OSS),Closed Spelter Socket (CSS),Open Wedge Socket (OWS),Ancor Pendant Socket (APS)for wire rope sizes from ø 6 mm to ø 115 mm.

All sockets are made from high-quality cast steel and are suitable for low temperature environments. All sockets pass impact tests and are supplied with a manufacturer’s certificate. Each socket can be subjected to individual magnetic particle and ultrasonic inspections by an independent agency.

LLC Armada is an official distributor of Global Rope Fittings factory and provides full range of high quality Silverline sockets on the territory of Russian Federation.


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