LoadPlate system is a project developed by Actiw Oy to meet customer demands for quick loading of containers and trailers.

Loading operation by Actiw LoadPlate is performed in several simple stages:

  • 1. Load is formed on the loading plate
  • 2. The load is slid on the loading plate into the cargo space
  • 3. The stopper plate is lowered down to hold the load in its position in the cargo space
  • 4. The loading plate is pulled out leaving nothing but the load in the cargo space

This solution is highly suitable for loading difficult cargo that is hard to containerize, or easily damaged by conventional loading methods.

LoadPlate Actiw has cargo capacity of 30 tones and is designed for loading standard cargo (lumber packages, rolls, pallets), irregular cargo (timber, steel plates, tubes, profiles) and cargo that requires special shipping containers.

LLC Armada is an official cooperation partner of Actiw Oy and has an exclusive right to supply Actiw LoadPlate in the territory of the Russian Federation.

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