LLC Armada is experienced in supplies and promotion of special-purpose equipment from leading European manufacturers. Our main customers are ports, companies of constructive, extractive and mining industries, enterprises of iron and non-ferrous metallurgy and factories of food and wood processing industries.

The main activity of our company includes the following business lines:

  • Distribution of the special wire ropes Verope
  • Sale, delivery and service of splicing and cutting equipment Talurit.
  • Supplying of automatic spreaders Bromma, service and delivery of spare parts.
  • Delivery and service of automatic platforms Actiw LoadPlate for container loading
  • Sale of spare parts for conveyer systems Csi.
  • Supplying of wire rope sockets Global Rope Fittings
  • Delivering of Wirelock for socketing and end termination

Our business is growing rapidly and prospering successfully on the whole territory of the Russian Federation. That allows us to perform in-time warranty maintenance, service and provide regular deliveries of spare parts and consumable material regardless of the region.

Sincerely yours,

Armada team

  • +7 (812) 309 11 46